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  • Income Tax Return and Audit Report Filing
  • Please ensure submission of relevant information and data to enable us to up load your returns within stipulated time 
  • The income tax site has been changed by authorities and there are some technical problems in using the site so far. Therefore it is requested to everyone to complete all your finalisation of accounts and returns well before the last date so even if there are any problem in uploading of returns on new IT Site we will still have time to meet the last date stipulation.
  • TDS reconciliation needs to be done by all of you on the basis of payments received during the year without waiting for the 26AS on the site as it is delayed. 
Disclaimer: The above discussion is for the informational purpose only, for & based on our clientele and do not constitute an advice or a legal opinion. If the reader needs details or wants to enquire detail related to any of the above points, please write to us at, alternatively, you can reach us at  - 40151490 - 26855301

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