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Season’s Greetings 

Wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous new Year.

Now Lets’ begin new year with compliances within prescribed time.

  • Arrange all your bank statements and supporting documents for various deduction under Income Tax
  • Prepare a summary of your Income from all sources and all your investment in different assets with loan liability statements.
  • Compute your Income Tax liability under Old Regime and New Regime
  • You can select the beneficial regime to reduce your Income tax dues.
  • Do not forget to pay your creditors who are registered under MSME and dues are outstanding for more than 45 days.
  • Pay all your applicable TDS on time and file TDS returns within due date
  • Also ensure that TDS certificates are downloaded from the I T Portal and sent to all the deductees. Preserve proof of such despatch of TDS certificates as well.
  • Ensure making investment if planned to save long term capital gain.
  • Make statement of Long Term and Short-Term Capital Gain in Securities.
  • Compare these sheets with Global reports received from your Brokers and information as available on your AIS and TIS forms on IT Portal.
  • Ensure that all transactions as reflected in AIS and TIS are duly accounted in your Annual Income Tax Return filing for the year.
  • Ensure that PTEC and PTRC compliances are done under Profession Tax Act of Maharashtra.  
  • It is observed that Notices are sent for PT compliances to persons who have GST registration.


  • Update Bank Account, Mail Id, Mobile No and address on IT and GST site.
  • Check mail box daily / regularly for communication from Govt Offices.
  • Ensure that your digital signature is in force for uploading return.
  • You may send mails if you want us to attend on a particular professional topic of your interest.

Best Regards - Team CANRT - 11.04.2024

Disclaimer: The above discussion is for the information purpose, exclusively for our clients and do not constitute an advice or a legal opinion. If the reader needs details or wants to enquire further related to any of the above points, please write to us at, alternatively, you can reach us at  - 40151490 - 26855301

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